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Manufacturer of environmentally sealed connectors and components. Buccaneer series of IP66, IP67, IP68 and IP69K waterproof circular connectors, IEC connectors, battery holders, EMI filters, fuse holders, vandal resistant LED's, vandal resistant switches, push button switches, rocker switches and IP67 enclosures.

Circular Connectors

Circular Power Connectors

A full range of IP66, IP67, IP68 and IP69K rated environmentally sealed circular power connectors designed to provide secure, robust and watertight connections in heavy duty, industrial & harsh environment applications. Each series has a flex cable connector, in-line flex cable connector and bulkhead panel mounting options

Circular Automation Connectors

The M-series circular connectors offer the industry standard M5, M8, M12 (including X-Code), M16 & M23 threads in addition to panel mount receptacles, overmolded cable variants and power/signal distribution units. Suitable for industry applications including factory automation, robotics, manufacturing, process control, medical, food & beverage processing, and industrial network. 

The Bulgin Push-Pull Connectors includes X-series and Y-series are suitable for high-reliability and high-quality applications in medical, instrumentation, military, and communications, where a fast method to connect / disconnect is required. They are manufactured to prevent accidental disconnects with a simple but fast strong-locking mechanism

900 Series.png
7000 Series.png
M5 Series.png
M12 Series.png
M23 Series.png

The dust and waterproof Data Buccaneer range includes a wide variety of sealed circular connectors designed specifically for Ethernet, USB (including mini-usb and micro-usb), USB-C and SMB applications.    Sealed RJ45 Ethernet connector solutions meet Cat 5e requirements for data rates up to 100Mhz
and are suited to a wide variety of industrial & harsh environment applications.

Circular Data Connectors

400 Series Mini.png
Standard Ethernet.png
400 Series SMB.png
Standard USB.png

Circular Fiber Connectors

The Bulgin Circular Fiber Connector range offer high quality and reliable fiber connectivity solutions. Suitable for use in industries such as outdoor broadcast, FTTX (fiber to the x), server room engineering, civil engineering, marine, aviation and rail applications.

Rectangular Circular Connectors

The Bulgin Rectangular Power Connector range offers a reliable, rugged solution for cable to cable applications in harsh environments with its environmentally sealed range of products. The series has a male and female option, as well as modifications including enhanced seal retention, protective end caps, shrink boot adapters, welded flange, terminating resistors and a Y-Type connector for industrial and automotive industries.

Standard Rectangular Pwr Connectors.png

RF Connectors Connectors

The Bulgin Radio Frequency (RF) connector range offers optimised solutions to work with a wide range of signals at various frequency levels with low losses. These connectors are expertly designed to work with coaxial cables to operate at multiple Gigahertz, offering protection and a standard shielding with coaxial hardware.

RF 2.92 Series.png
RF Termination Connectors.png

Photoelectric Sensor Range

Bulgin's slim line photoelectric sensor range offers a high degree of mechanical and electrical stability. A cost effective and flexible sensing solution. Designed specifically for manufacturing automation and industrial automation sensing operations.

Photoelectric Sensor Range.png

Switch Range

With an extensive range of Push Button, Vandal Resistant, Piezo, Slide, Toggle and Rocker switches available, Bulgin & Arcolectric’s switch range is designed to meet the design requirements of a wide variety of industry applications ranging from medical and industrial to marine and commercial
electronics. Bulgin’s push button switches are available in front and rear panel mounted versions with three profile types including prominent, domed and low profile as well as rugged stainless steel anti vandal options. Multiple switching options are available along with IP66, IP67 & IP68 sealed variants.

Push Button.png
Voltage Selector Switch.png
Toggle Switch.png

IEC Connectors

A full range of quality mains rated inlets, outlets and connectors conforming to IEC and EN 60320 specifications carrying UL, CSA, VDE and other approvals.

IEC Power Distribution Units

Bulgin's IEC Power Distribution Units (PDUs) have combinations of 4, 5 or 6 outlets together with neon indicator, fuse and switch options. The three sizes are available in various combinations and all have shuttered outlets except for the compact version.
The larger enclosed versions are also available with EMI filtering.

IEC Connectors.png
IEC Pwr Dist Units.png
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